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Have you heard of the wedding registry Zola? Zola takes the popular aspects of wedding planning – choosing gifts, customizing a couple’s website, planning a honeymoon, financing the party – and fuses them all together.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Zola, Shan-Lyn Ma, “Engaged couples today are different from previous generations. The majority live together before marriage, they are getting married at an older age than previous generations, and everyone manages their lives through their mobile devices. Zola meets the needs of the modern couple, and re-imagined the registry from the ground up to be flexible, convenient and fully personalized”

As a bride-to-be, I had some anxiety and dread about creating a wedding registry. It’s not like in the movies where you point and click that fun scan gun for anything that crosses your path. There are a lot of factors to consider, ranging from am I going to actually use this to… is this too pricey to ask of my friends and family? The end goal is to make it easy for your loved ones who want to buy gifts as a token of their support of your marriage to be able to (and to make sure to avoid four sets of obnoxious napkin rings that you will never use).

Here is why a few of us at Belvedere & Co. signed up for Zola.zola registry

1. It’s YOUR registry

It’s kind of like a Pinterest board of things you want, which is awesome. Besides that, you can create lists like “For Our Home” or “Weekend Adventures” and you can put a personal note on each and every item for guests. There is also an option for special collections that reflect your individual interests, because not every almost-married couple dreams of a deluxe gravy boat.

Zola is unique because it’s a universal registry so you can whip out your phone at any store and scan, or create a honeymoon fund, or add experience gifts like day trips, brewery tours and wine tastings. All of these combine to give you the gifts you want, and your guests will feel like they’re genuinely contributing to your life together.

zola registry 2

2. You’ll be thankful in the end.

Zola keeps you organized, and it avoids the emotional come down of entering into a slew of boxes upon the conclusion of your honeymoon. (#firstworldproblems though, am I right?) You are in charge of when and where you want the packages to arrive, keep track of who bought what, and virtual return items before they ship in case you made a rash decision.

3. Fret Not: They have group gifting

Look some people can’t afford to gift you that awesome $375 bar cart, but that doesn’t mean they would rather get you a salad spinner. Group gifting allows for your friends, who know you really need that sofa( you know…the one that sinks everyone in when they sit) to chip in!

zola registry group

4. Unsure of where to start?

Yup, they have your back on this, too. First, you can go through their starter registry for the essentials and then once you have the hang of things, you have the option to look at featured registries for inspiration. I was extremely curious what others put on their registry and after searching a lot more than I would like to admit, I realized, Zola’s registries are super personalized, so I just started shopping!

zola registry essentials

5. Zola is like Tinder for Household Items

I started my registry one night at 3am because I was playing nurse and battling the flu. Our restaurant manager, Jackie, used Zola and raved. So, I downloaded the app and went to town. I then stumbled upon the blender which you literally swipe left or right for items. Hours later, I realized I had a problem.zola blender

6. Personalized service

A few days after registering for Zola and this is the email I received:

zola personal

  1. Personal advisor?! Just for me?! They shouldn’t have.
  2. It’s not just a business email, its super conversational.
  3. Also, if your guests get stuck Zola has a registry concierge that is available every day of the week, during business hours if they need help.

All and all, as a consumer, I think that Zola is the perfect solution to the working bride, it’s just so easy and fun, and allows the bride to manager the registry in a way that fits her busy life.



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