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propose bridesmaids card

Recently, our Chase & Charles editor Korey got engaged. This is awesome because we plan to exploit all of her wedding planning experiences for real-life blog posts featuring her ups and downs, tips and advice for our bride-to-be readers!

Pretty much five minutes after he proposed, the FIRST thing I knew I wanted to accomplish was asking my sister to be my Matron of Honor. Is that backwards? Weeks later, I don’t have a single thing done, we haven’t even set a date yet, but I just couldn’t hold that secret in.

Fun, but mostly embarrassing, fact: I was really young when I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. So young, in fact, that I truly thought that when she said “I Do”, something magical happened and all of a sudden we weren’t sisters anymore. No idea how that came into my head (possibly one of my older brothers playing a joke). Long story short, I cried her whole reception. Of course, I am much older and much more mature (ha)….but…just in case of anything magical, I need my sister to be my right-hand woman on my big day.

I couldn’t just text her, give her a call, or show up and ask. I don’t think I am alone in this, IT’S A BIG DEAL! Also, this was stressful for me; I wanted it to be perfect. This brings me to a good point, ladies, take it easy on your guys, proposing is NOT an easy thing. Phew.

I took to Pinterest for some awesome ideas…what did brides do before Pinterest?! Here were some of my favorites.

You just can’t go wrong with personalized wine labels. propose bridesmaids wine label{Via Etsy}

Confetti Poppers. Because, confetti. propose bridesmaid confetti{Via Weddbook}

If you’re gonna stick to the traditional card, make it sentimental, otherwise make it funny! propose bridesmaids ugly cry cardpropose bridesmaids card
{Via Etsy}

A personalized box is a great way to incorporate memories, goodies, pictures, etc. The opportunities are endless and you have a chance to get super creative with it!propose bridesmaids box collage{Via SA Wedding Blog}

Our Event Specialist, Jennifer, was proposed to by a fortune cookie! There is even a felt DIY version!propose bridesmaids fortune cookie{Via Martha Stewart}

Ooh, I love a good throwback. Take it back to the middle school or college days where you had nothing to do but learn all the lyrics and choreograph routines with your girls. A mix CD of all your old favs is a perfect way to feel nostalgic, but also get ready for the party. Disguise the CD in old pictures or like this vinyl record.propose bridesmaids mix cd{Via Happiness is Blog}

And finally, the whopper. If you’re looking to go all out, you could throw a SURPRISE bridesmaid brunch! Pretend that it’s a dress fitting or a wedding-related freak out “you have to come over and have brunch with me” moment, and then boom. Hang a banner or find a creative way for them to get the message. Then celebrate. A round of mimosas, please? (or five).

propose bridesmaids brunch{Via The Dandelion Patch}

I truly loved all of these ideas…. but my choice was absolutely perfect to propose to my sister. Because I was sending it through the mail, I wanted her to have NO CLUE what it was.

I would have done anything to see her face when she opened a strange package, with a big balloon inside. The balloon was equipped with a safety pin, accompanied by a “pop me” message. Once she popped the balloon, a burst of confetti (she hates messes, HAHA) and a note came out confessing my unyielding NEED for her to be my Matron of Honor. Psst, she said yes and cried, and yes… the embarrassing “not your sister story” anymore, was included. 🙂propose bridesmaids balloon

{Via Etsy, it is amazing, really}

Stay tuned Chasers, I will have a ton of more stories about this crazy adventure. Read on for not only the heartwarming stories like this gem, but I guarantee you there will be just as many struggles throughout this journey. It’s going to be fun!


  • sondra

    April 10, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Korey congratulations on your engagement! How exciting to be living vicariously through your journey while planning the perfect wedding for you and your fiance. Cant wait for the next post


  • Kasey Norton

    April 9, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    As the sister in this sweet story, I can attest to 1) the total cluelessness as to what was in the box (or balloon!) 2) the tears 3) the mess AND the fact that I do hate messes but didn’t mind this one and finally 4) my sister is truly the most beautiful, bursting-with-life, person I know and she’s marrying her absolute soulmate. I’m just thankful to know that her marrying him doesn’t mean she’s magically no longer my sister anymore. 😉


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