Valentine’s Day Flowers: What’s the Message Behind His Bouquet?


guy-giving-flowers-111208Not sure where you stand with your S.O.?  We asked guest blogger Kimberly Tyson, designer/partner at My Flower Box Events, to read the tea leaves on four Valentine’s Day bouquets. Her take on these buds just might surprise you!

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Photo by Kathy Dennin-Meagher

THE FLOWERS Pink roses
THE MESSAGE  “I’m smitten!”
Pink roses—especially when they’re part of a larger arrangement—aren’t as serious as full-on red roses, but they still mean he thinks you’re special.


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Photo courtesy of tPoz Photography

THE FLOWERS Custom bouquet
THE MESSAGE  “I’ve never met anyone else like you.”
A one-of-a-kind arrangement is his way of saying he thinks you are, too.

THE FLOWERS  Red roses and calla lilies
THE MESSAGE  “I love you.”
White roses signify purity; yellow roses telegraph friendship (ouch); and pink roses indicate gratitude. Red? It’s all about not just love, but passionate love. The addition of calla lilies shows he doesn’t have the sentiment on speed-dial. And an out-of-the-vase presentation? Whoa!

Danielle Zach Wedding-Vendors-0023

THE FLOWERS The same kind you carried down the aisle.
THE MESSAGE  “I’d marry you all over again.”
Anyone can send red roses, but if he’s gone to the trouble of having your bridal bouquet recreated, he’s saying  A.) The day was special enough to remember (bonus points!)  and B.) He would do it again…in a heartbeat!


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