Turning Your Small Balcony Into A Cozy Retreat

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small balcony cozy seat

Have a small balcony but desperately want to transform it into a place you actually look forward to utilizing day-after-day? No worries. Check out our tips to quickly supersize your small balcony.

First things first, a cozy spot to sit is a must.

small balcony cozy seat{Via Trendir}

If you have the room, a small outdoor sofa or bench can be a great addition to your balcony or porch.

 small balcony bench{Via Apartment Therapy}

Of course, a baller hammock is a practical option, as well.

 small balcony hammock

If you don’t have the room or want a more budget-friendly option for seating, you can still create a little nook on your balcony by piling outdoor cushions on crates.

small balcony crate benc

{Via Sarah Widman}

Crates can also be flipped for end tables and additional storage.

small balcony crate end table{Via Nine Red}

There are a TON of options for versatile table and chairs.

small balcony table and chairs{Via Room Decoration}

A hanging balcony table is an option to save floor space. They are collapsible, which is a great space-saver for those rare moments when you’re not snacking on something.

hanging balcony table small balcony portable table 2{Via Scandinavian Design Center}

DIY an outdoor rug by treating a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane – outdoor rugs can get expensive but this diy version can be super cheap

small balcony DIY rug 2small balcony DIY RUG 1
{Via Design Share}

Dreaming of an outdoor oasis? Who isn’t? Get creative with the plants and always remember… up up up. “Vertical gardening” aka getting the plants off the ground is the best way to hack your balcony.

small balcony vertical gardening

{Via Balcony Garden Web}

A basic trellis and a few hanging planters (with fabulous silver buckets) turn a basic wall into an elegant vertical garden that doubles as a fantastic backdrop.small balcony hacks trellis.

{Via Home Talk}

A beautiful mason jar herb garden is easy to make and can be hung up anywhere there’s sun, inside or outside the home.small balcony mason jar planters

{Via Camille Styles}

If you want privacy, add outdoor curtains. Outdoor curtains are made to stand up to all kinds of weather.

small balcony curtains

{Via Creative Touch Designs}

And finally, make it super-crazy-extra cozy with cheap mini lanterns.

small balcony lanterns


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