The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Guide

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The season is upon us, ladies. Because it is my life goal to be more like Leslie Knope in all things, I vow to celebrate Galentine’s Day year after year. If you haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day, you need to watch Parks and Rec, but this pretty much explains it all: GALENTINES DAY

Many women have a very strict connotation about the actual Valentine’s Day, and whether you are for or against, I think having a kick-ass lady love party the day before, is something we can all get behind.


For those thinking this is an Anti-Valentine’s Day, love-hating smash fest, you are wrong, so stop channeling your inner Jessica Biel right now. This celebration is strictly for women (single, married, or otherwise) to celebrate and embrace friendship and women-power.

jessica-biel-galentines-dayIf your friends are anything like mine at B&Co., getting everyone together for laughter and mimosas is enough of a gift in and of itself. But, if you want to go the extra mile for this (almost) national holiday, here is a foolproof guide to the ultimate Galentine’s Day party.


Food & Drinks

Make something useful of your hours of meaningless group texts and decide what the food game plan is. Pick something easy (for the host), and embrace the calories, that’s the rule. Before the party, write up a grocery list and have everyone bring an item or two. Boom.

heart shaped pizza galentines day

Pizza is, and will always be, my Valentine.

More importantly, make fun drinks. A big party punch works, a mimosa bar is always a good go to, or make fun cocktails like this or this.

Photo Cred: Abby Jiu Photography

Photo Cred: Abby Jiu Photography


Shun anyone who comes in dressed to the nines, I mean it. I wouldn’t even let them come in if they were wearing jeans. The only appropriate slumber attire is pajamas (onesies, in particular) or comfy sweat pants. Elastic Waistbands need only apply.

eating pants

The Lineup

Absolutely avoid the “what do you want to watch” lull when it comes to the TV. I suggest picking a theme and choosing it wisely, because for some, this time of the year is hard. You don’t want anyone feelin’ single and sad with a sappy romance movie. Pick something funny, scary, or watch nothing but gorgeous men movies all night long (Magic Mike XXL was made for Galentine’s Day, I’m pretty sure).


Once you realize that NO ONE is going to sit in silence and actually WATCH the movies, pull out some fun party games. Prior to the evening, accost your one friend who owns a “Cards Against Humanity” deck and guilt them into bringing it. Brit & Co. did a pretty good list of alternatives too.

DIY PhotoBackdrop

You know you are going to whip out that selfie stick and snap away all night long. Why not prep a fun DIY Photo Backdrop? There are so many options but if you need inspiration, start here

A completely unrealistic expectation of how your photo will turn out.

A completely unrealistic expectation of how your photo will turn out.

Girl-Powered Dance Party

The only allowances are Adele, TSwift, Nikki and Beyonce. Okay, you can add more artists if you want, but…do you really need to?


As the night winds down and you realize you aren’t 22 years old anymore, you are going to hit a wall. When ya’ll are laying on the floor (bonus points if you made a fort), something magical happens where you reach a place that transcends any judgement or weirdness and anything and everything is fair game.



After everyone crashes, day-after recovering is necessary. By recovering, I mean brunch. Make some breakfast favorites and relish in the fact that you just had the most epic Galentine’s Day EVER. #yourewelcomehappygalentinesday_1

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