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I remember being a kid and WISHING I got a surprise in the mail. As an adult, the moment something shows up in my mailbox I pray it’s not a bill! Enter subscription boxes. It’s fun to get something in the mail, a little surprise, just for you.

There is literally a subscription box for EVERY personality, interest, hobby, you name it. So the Belvedere & Co. ladies are going to treat ourselves and sign up for one, and everyone has chosen something different! So be prepared for our little updates on which ones we are liking, disliking, obsessed with and hating…but for now…here is a little teaser of what we are signing up for.


Lindsay is signing up for Club W., which is a monthly wine subscription! Lindsay is always choosing new
wines for Belvedere & Co. Events and loves finding new and different wines! She also has quite the collection at her home, as well!

“Club W. is global winery revolutionizing the way people discover, buy and share wine. It all starts with our Palate Profile that asks you 6 simple questions about your tastes. From there, you are recommended bottles of wine that match your flavors so you’re guaranteed to receive a delicious bottle every time.”

We are interested in Club W. will stand up to Lindsay’s test! Hopefully she shares with the team (*hint hint*)!

subscription club w


JACKIE – Birchbox

subscription jackieJackie decided on Birchbox the other morning around 3am. Restaurant managers operate on a different clock than most! She welcomes that wind down time from a busy night. Apparently she was scrolling and their ads caught her attention! She loves the idea of getting a perfectly packaged present with oodles of samples from hair care to lip gloss to skin care products.

Birchbox is “the easiest (and most fun) way to shop for beauty” and is widely recognized as the pioneer of the subscription addictions. So we are putting the original to the test to see if the innovator surpasses the imitators!

subscription birch box


KAT – Hatchery

subscription katKat is one of those anomalies that actually ENJOYS cooking after a long day at work. So it was no surprise that when the cute Hatchery ads popped up on her Instagram feed, she was hooked. And how could she not be?

We all #shoplocal, but artisanal, small-batch products are totally Kat’s thing. Not to mention, it’s pretty cool to learn about small business all over the country that you wouldn’t normally have exposure to.

Hatchery is a “platform for curious home cooks to discover new and unique cooking ingredients made by artisan food makers across the country.”
If this subscription box impresses Kat, we will know it’s a homerun!

subscription hatchery


subscription jenJen chose RocksBox because she adores female innovators and was instantly hooked by the concept that CEO, Meaghan Rose, had developed. In addition, the whole notion of having a rotating closet of jewelry is quite unbeatable. Jen typically invests in classic pieces, but craves statement jewelry that helps make an outfit pop.

Rocksbox is “transforming the way women buy jewelry” by sending three pieces every month.

Jen’s going to be the accessory queen in the office! Can’t wait to see if her stylists match her style and how many pieces she ends up keeping!subscription rocksbox

KOREY – StitchFix

As for me, the absolute worst part of my day is getting dressed in the morning. I. Loathe. It. Mostly because I am sick of wearing older stuff and I am not fashionably skilled enough to pair different kinds of “staple” pieces, have them actually match, and not look like a train-wreck as I leave my apartment. So I am enlisting the help of my very own fashion stylist at Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix is the “first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you”

I have filled out my profile, which is extensive. I appreciate that because it seems they are truly trying to get to know my body shape, style, etc. They also encourage you to pin clothing inspiration to a Pinterest page!subscription stitch fix


Stay tuned to see which ones we are liking, disliking, obsessed with and hating! Have we missed your favorite subscription box?! Let us know your thoughts! 

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  • Kim

    May 26, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Hatchery was very expensive for what you get; gifted 1 3mo subcription. 1st box contacted 2 small single use seasoning packets, 1.5 oz hunny & 1.5oz desert topping (these are small, like the free jams that arrive with your hotel room service breakfast) and a… ketchup.. no shipping notifciation; late delivery (says mid month arrives end of month)
    GlobeIn (we had 1 good box out of 3) gifted 1 3mo subscription; plagued with late deliveries; no emails sent when product ships
    Universal Yum~ gave 3 6mo subscriptions, it was a hit with everyone; good value; thoughtful packaging & lot’s of product information. Always arrived on time; & I was always sent notification so I confirm arrival


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