Sprinkle Etiquette 101

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What is it?

A sprinkle is a baby shower for second, third and subsequent babies, but it is more of a low-key affair.  Instead of showering the mom to be with big ticket gifts, instead you are welcoming the new baby and sprinkling them with the day to day necessities. With minimal pressure and an informal feel to them, a baby sprinkle party is a lovely way to welcome a new addition.pregnant woman with friend

The Controversy

Traditionally, a baby shower should be given for the first baby only, and should be given by a non-family member. So when baby number two comes around and you receive a sprinkle invitation, you might be a little confused, especially when you think about what gift you should. The family probably has all the essentials. Sure, the pack and play has some wear and tear, and the high chair has seen better days but hey, hand me downs are a way of life! (Sorry second child). So why throw a big ol’ event?

The Circumstances

Our opinion is that any baby that is being brought into this world is a reason to celebrate! It’s not all about the gift giving. Maybe Mom is getting a little girl and only has little boy things. Maybe baby 1 and baby 2 were very spread out so things haven’t been kept or they need updated. Regardless of the situation, etiquette is constantly evolving and if a mama wants to have a party, then let’s embrace her! I mean, isn’t being pregnant hard enough?baby sprinkle onesie


Who throws a sprinkle? A friend or family member typically hosts the party. However, some parents are opting to throw the sprinkle themselves.  Some guests may see that as greedy or tacky because gifts are implied, but planning a party is expensive. If the parents host, make the food, and decorate, then don’t be a Debbie downer, bring a little something. Because gifts seem to be the big taboo, if you truly just want to gather friends and family, put on the invitation that gifts aren’t necessary.


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Via Baby Shower Ideas 4 U

Since the first shower was all about the baby, why not focus the sprinkle on mama. Pamper her with some locally-made soaps and perfume or a spa
day. She deserves it!

– Set the tone early & keep it casual. Send an email invite to ensure that it is low key. If you want to do a registry, stick to new nursery and practical items.

– Skip the games: I am actually a fan of this rule for regular baby showers, because no one actually wants to eat chocolate from a diaper. Activities are more encouraged, like onesie decorating or making scrapbook pages.

– Stop worrying and have fun. If some of the invited guests decided not to come because they Just. Couldn’t. Take. One. More. Shower, so be it. That’s their choice. More cupcakes for the rest of us.


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