Preakness Party Preparations

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Derby day is right around the corner ya’ll… but us Baltimoreans are looking a couple weeks ahead to our pride and joy… the Preakness. Either race is an excuse to have a fancy soiree. Horse racing combines all of our favorite things: exuberant fashion, indulgent food, abundant cocktails and yes…the actual race itself. Let’s gather some inspiration for your very own Preakness party!


Oh Charm City…for those of us who are out of towners, you make us lifers by THE FOOD! For a Preakness party, you have to include Baltimore’s staple foods, especially if you have out of town guests. preakness foods– Pit Beef – Baltimore BBQ style {Via Cooks Country}
– Deviled Eggs Chesapeake – MD crabs in SOME form are a must, at any get together! {Via All Recipes}
– Skinny Dippers – As of 2013, Skinny Dippers were unveiled as the “preferred oyster of Preakness” {Via True Chesapeake}
– Smith Island Cake – Because 10 layers of goodness is reason enough, but, did you know it’s Maryland’s state dessert? {Via Smith Island Bakery}


The Black Eyed Susan is to Preakness as the mint julep is to the Kentucky Derby aka a must have. The fine people at Charm City Wire provided the perfect recipe for making a legit Black Eyed Susan.  preakness black eyed susan

First, put pourers on your liquor bottles so you can make it like a pro.

Second, fill a glass with ice. (This recipe is for a 12 oz. glass.)
Third, start pouring. Remember, 1.5 oz. is a three second count, and 0.75 oz.. is a slow one second count.

1.5 oz. of Vodka
1.5 oz. of Light Rum
0.75 oz. Triple Sec
Splash of Lime Juice
– Pour the above ingredients over cubed ice and top with two parts Orange Juice and one part Sour Mix (Again, this is for a 12 oz. glass), but leave some room at the top for the floater.
– Now, the floater is the special part that makes our Black Eyed Susan stand above all the other variations. Without the floater, your Susan ain’t proper, hon.
– Float a shot of Bourbon (Jim Beam, or Old Grand-Dad, or Maker’s Mark) on top of the drink and down the straw.
– Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.


preakness party decor

Horseracing Table Decor {Via B. Lovely Events}
Black Eyed Susan Tablescape {Via Pinterest}
Centerpiece {Via Floral Impressions}
DIY Derby Hat Drink Stirrers {Via Pizzazzerie} 


There is no harm in having some friendly betting at your Preakness party, as long as your weird uncle doesn’t give his bookie a call… You can have guests choose which horse they want to win or have them pick out of a hat for their horse to win, place or show!

preakness games{Via Hostess with the Mostess}
preakness party games{Via Instagram @Tyleroakley}


preakness hat {Via UPI/Kevin Dietsch}preakness outfit{Via Tar Heel Charm}


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