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modern easter cover

Put down the store-bought dye and white vinegar and have a look at these beautifully modern takes on traditional Easter egg decorating, as well as modern Easter baskets, décor and more! The best part is that you can incorporate these items into your décor, rather than storing the bright plastic eggs the moment Easter concludes.


Washi Tape Eggs

For those who do not have an extensive craft box with every accessory at hand, washi tape is like, very, very pretty masking tape. Masking tape that comes in patterns and designs that make even the most dedicated crafters swoon. It’s up to you if you want to share your secret of how you made these beautiful eggs, we won’t tell!

modern easter eggs{Via Family Circle}

Glitter Eggs

Leave it to Martha to create #DIYgoals. Create a little bit of flash this Easter with these Glitter Eggs. These sparkling alternatives will make you never reach for that store bought dye, again.

modern easter glitter eggs{Via Martha Stewart}


Even if you don’t have youngsters to make baskets for, cue the modern Easter baskets for adults! Use an age-appropriate basket and fill it with artisanal treats like cold brew coffee, olive oil, Brie cheese and more. Check out these Style Me Pretty Modern Easter Baskets for more ideas!

modern easter basket{Via Style Me Pretty}

A modern Easter can still include treats! We love these chic gold tins with clear tops, they are perfect for housing pretty goodies. In addition, Lovely Indeed added a couple more ideas for modern Easter basket alternatives!

modern easter basket 2{Via Lovely Indeed}


Paper Strip Nest Place Setting

I know what you are thinking, DIY sounds good at first but then you end up with #pinterest fails. Well, I am giving you a no-fail guarantee! Do you have old paper and a shredder? With these two items, you could create a chic bird nest for your table setting! That is TRULY all you need. Double the usage by placing a monogrammed egg in the nest so guests know where they are seated!

modern easter place setting{Via Better Homes and Gardens}

If Easter eggs are usually the main event, decking out your home with full-on Easter decorations is definitely the cherry on top. Vogue and Room Decorating are two resources that have combined a ton of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

modern easter tablescape{Via Room Decorating Ideas}

Chasers, are you feeling more modern this year? Or are you sticking with traditional? Let us know!!


  • Sondra Goad

    March 25, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    Love these mod takes on Easter traditions. I think Im gonna try the Paper Strip Nest place setting. Wish me luck. Happy Easter Chasers!


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