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We like the Less/More jigger from Kate Spade, love the Black Friday Backlash, and are obsessed with Pecan Pie M&Ms!

Two of a Kind Less/More Jigger

We heart pretty much everything Kate Spade and anything that simplifies entertaining. So that makes the silver- and gold-plated Less/More jigger a no-brainer of a bartending staple. We plan to break it in at Thanksgiving so that by New Year’s we’ll be able to size up the drinkers who tend to like Less and those who like More. $20

Kate Spade 1 L857839_046 copy

Black Friday Backlash
Call us killjoys, but we’ve never understood the appeal of hitting the malls the morning after a Thanksgiving pig-out—even if doing so meant saving a decent chunk of change (wait, did we really just say that?). Among the things we’ll be giving thanks for on Turkey Day: The Black Friday Backlash that began five years ago when Shop Small Saturday was launched as a way to encourage shopping at local businesses. We tend to be small shopper types anyway, so on Saturday you’ll find us at Mt. Vernon MarketplaceNouveau Home and Interior DesignThe Quintessential Gentleman, Milk and Honey Market, and OK Natural Food Store, among others in the nabe.

Mt Vernon Marketplace




Pecan Pie M&M’s
Who needs this?pecan pieWhen you’ve got these?

Sure, we know there isn’t a a single pecan in these little bites of bliss, but no matter. Our taste buds are none the wiser.

Chasers, what’s on your Like list? What do you Love? And what are you Obsessed with? Let us know!


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