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We like Charm City Meadworks, love the Selfie Snappin’ Stylus, and are obsessed with La Cakerie’s Maple Dipped Bacon cupcakes!

Charm City Meadworks
File this one under “Who Knew?” Apparently the word “honeymoon” comes from the term “mead moon,” an ancient tradition where a newlywed couple would be given enough mead—an alcoholic drink made from honey—to last a full lunar cycle. The thinking was that a full lunar cycle would be long enough to ensure that the wife would emerge preggers. We knew none of this until we discovered Charm City Meadworks, our new favorite way to kick back at the end of a long day.

Charm City Meadworks

Not familiar with mead? It’s produced through a cold process, similar to wine. But instead of using grapes, it relies on honey, which is then fermented with water and yeast for something like two weeks. After that, it’s aged for three months in oak casks that originally held bourbon (mmm hmmm). For flavored meads (like Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Basil Lemongrass), there’s an additional infusion process, using fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. But you don’t have to know any of this to enjoy it. Use this mead-finder to find a wine store near you that sells the stuff. Cheers!

Selfie Snappin’ Stylus
Today’s question: Is it possible to take a selfie that A) looks like someone else took it, without B) calling attention to what we’re doing in a way that shouts Totally Self-Absorbed Selfie-Taker alert!!?

pretty brunette making selfie with a stick

Oh happy day. The Selfie Snappin’ Stylus is a little gizmo from Tech Candy that lets you take the perfect selfie with no one but your own selfie-snapping self the wiser.

selfie_snapper_gold_product_lo_2850ffbf-b7e6-4b32-8807-e9817f24252a_grandeThere’s no software to download—just sync with Bluetooth, and snap away. It works with all smartphones (iPhone, Android). Cost: $27.99


Maple Dipped Bacon cupcakes at LaCakerie

We have a thing for bacon. Yes, indeedy, we do.

Especially when it wanders off from breakfast and lands in a sweet treat. So imagine the little party our taste buds threw when we discovered the Maple Dipped Bacon cupcake at La Cakerie, a mere five-minute walk from The Belvedere. This little cup of happiness—vanilla cake topped with maple frosting and crispy bits of bacon—will be our undoing. Thankfully, it’s not an everyday offering; available only Tuesdays through November. maple_dipped_bacon-2

Chasers, spill your guts! What’s on your Like list? Who do you Love? And what are you Obsessed with? Let us know!


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