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If you have taken a stroll around Mount Vernon lately, enjoying the delectable autumn weather, maybe you have noticed the impeccable fall foliage adorning the neighborhood. Perhaps, you have visited the Belvedere or Hotel Indigo recently and you took a second to note the beautiful pops of green decorating the building entrances.

I would bet that you didn’t stop and think, just WHO is behind making our neighborhood this picturesque? Lucky for us, we have an “in” with Oscar Baltodano & Andy Smith. They had a beautiful wedding reception at the Belvedere, this past May.

Oscar and Andy started this project, with the Mount Vernon Belvedere Association in 2010. It all started with one fight to get two dead trees removed and replaced on their block, which ultimately turned into a volunteer organization with hundreds of helping hands. Over the past five years, they’ve planted just under 400 new trees throughout Mount Vernon with the help of 30-40 dedicated volunteers at the planting, maintenance, and pruning events.

“We are really excited by the progress we’ve made in greening Mount Vernon in recent years. We get to work with an amazing group of volunteers who are committed to making Mount Vernon and central Baltimore greener, more beautiful, and more sustainable,” Andy noted.

We fell in love with their mission (obviously) and due to all of the amazing work that the MVBA Trees Group does for our community, we thought a THANK YOU was in order. Thus… the birth of Owltoberfest!


Our fearless Owl Bar leader, Jackie, got the ball rolling with her beer reps and soon enough, we had 7 different distributors equipped to do a Tap Takeover in the Owl Bar, set for Wednesday, October 7th.

The evening was a success. The beer was flowing. The place was packed. By the end of the evening, the competition for the Silent Auction baskets was getting hot! The big ticket items were the Jailbreak Tour for Two, the Flying Dog Frederick Fall Fest Tickets, and a coveted Owl Bar basket complete with a copper mug, gift certificate and a bottle of wine!


Ooh, I can’t forget to mention the food. Our amazing chef, Jason, used three of the featured beers in his food specials for the evening: beer cheese fondue, mussels and fried brussels sprouts with bacon. (My favorite, more please!)

Our Owl Bar regulars, were out in force, showing their support as well: Megan & Allie Niehaus, Eric Kowalczyk, Jackie Adams, Joshua Zealor (Brody Lake), Jason Curtis, Hannah Geary, Matt Slivinski and Patrick Quinn just to name a few!



From the event, the Owl Bar is donating a total of $1,500 ($1,000 from drafts sold and $500 from silent auction items) to MVBA Trees!

Andy concluded that, “It was great to work with Belvedere and Co. and The Owl Bar on a Tap Takeover fundraiser. We are Owl Bar regulars, and The Owl Bar is a true Mount Vernon institution. The staff was amazing in helping connect with seven local breweries and helping execute a successful fundraiser. We were really excited by the strong turnout, and everyone had a great time.”

Missed the event? You can still help make Mount Vernon beautiful. As MVBA Trees continues to step up their tree game, they are constantly seeking funding to purchase needed soil amendment ($5 per bag), mulch ($3 per bag), and tree gator bags ($20 per bag) to help the trees survive.


Please follow this link to donate!

They are also always looking for volunteers! Please send an email to to express interest!

Finally, thanks to the breweries that made this event happen. We also want to do a HUGE shout out to Jenn and Jack from Bond Distributing for coordinating all 7 breweries.

Flying Dog
Monument City
Brewers Art

We couldn’t have done this without you!

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