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Chasers, meet guest blogger Nicole Helm. I reached out to her because I was feelin’ a holiday-party outfit post, got really excited about it…and then realized that I can talk about a lot of things…but I’m no fashionista. I didn’t want to deprive you of getting ESSENTIAL, NEED-TO-KNOW knowledge, so, as I was scrolling my Instagram feed, I came across a hometown friend (yay PA) who’s always posting stalk-worthy OOTD pics and asked her to help us out! 


Hey guys! Whether it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, or even just a holiday party, we all need trendy and chic outfits and we should probably start finding them now if you haven’t already (especially if you need to order them online).

Work parties sometimes keep you from really being yourself depending on where you work. Keep it classy and simple. I would stay away from any really short dresses or showing too much skin. holiday party inspiration

Christmas and Christmas Eve are holidays to be with family, so you really don’t need to over do it here either. A cute pair of pants with a big chunky turtle neck sweater is very appropriate. If you tend to get a little dressier, go with a dress that is also somewhat flowy, not too short, but festive. A pencil skirt is classy and I also love a pair of wide leg pants with a top. Here is some inspo… black pantspencil skirt

New Year’s Eve is where I always have the most trouble. It’s a time to get really dressed up, even if you aren’t really going anywhere. I know most people turn to metallics and sparkles and this is fine… but you can be festive in other ways, so be open to something different! mini bodycon dress A sequined mini is pretty standard. They are flirty and festive if you are going out to a party or a club. Pair with some strappy heels. This shift dress above puts a little twist on a mini, and the shorter the better with these to make them look right. Black Sequin Mini Mini Nude Sequin
Personally, I would go a bit more dressy by wearing a maxi dress/gown. A midi could work as well but you can pretty much wear those anytime so why not mix it up a little bit for a special occasion?! High cut slits and plunging neck lines create some drama.  Black Plunge Gown

Champagne Plunge Gown

Some “in” colors are the classic black (as always), also white, nude, gold, red, or bordeaux. All are perfect for the occasion. I’m slightly obsessed with bordeaux this cutout dressred dresswhite gownMaterial matters too! You can pull off lace, mesh, velvet, or even silk for this holiday.
silk dressvelvet dressWhy not try a cape?!

dress with cape

One other option I’ve personally considered was a cute jumpsuit. You can dress it up with heels and a fur stole to make it a little more fancy if you need to. A deep V neck gives a little more skin, but not too much since your legs are covered.

white jumpsuitred jumperThese were all some of my holiday outfit options that I have been debating on, but chose to forego. I’m thinking that I’m not going to post the winner on my blog. you will just have to check out my Instagram on New Year’s Eve to see 🙂

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