Inside the Belvedere: Bridal Shower Bliss

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Chasers. We did it. We actually did it. Not only did our entire group get out of the Belvedere, but we ventured out of the city, ya’ll. If you have been following along, you remember that Jackie, our restaurant manager extraordinaire, is tying the knot. Psst, if you missed it do yourself a favor and catch up here.

Springfield Manor 2The big day is coming soon (19 days to be exact) so it was time to throw our bride-to-be a shower and to get our butts outta dodge. I stepped back and let the pros do the heavy lifting. Hey, these woman plan and execute big time weddings with their eyes closed, a bridal shower should be no big deal (right?).

springfield manor 16Our arranged transportation and we were off to the beautiful countryside to the Springfield Manor in Frederick, Md. At this point, Jackie had no clue where she was headed and probably thought we were kidnapping her. Kat and Lindsay planned a majority of the afternoon, so we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into either!

Springfield Manor 1No one from our group had ever been there before, so upon arrival, it’s safe to say we were pretty blown away by the scenery. We had a scheduled wine tasting of their various wines. The Farmhouse Red was an overall group favorite!

Springfield Manor 5 springfield manor 6As we went upstairs, the table and table settings in our section were perfectly put together (Great job, ladies!). We all enjoyed the afternoon, passing around food and basking in a relaxing outing, attempting not to talk about work, too much.

springfield manor 9 springfield manor 8 springfield manor 12We then broke out the gifts, followed by Cards Against Humanity. If you have ever played before you know that it isn’t the most blog-appropriate game, so we will be moving on. However, if you ever needed an ice breaker and a way to learn way too much about your coworkers and/or boss, I highly suggest it.

springfield manor 21 springfield manor 17 springfield manor 11As the afternoon came to a close, Jackie opted to cut her own lavender from the fields. She is incorporating lavender throughout her entire calm and tranquil nuptials. The only problem was that the helpful ladies at the manor informed us that Jackie could cut as much as she wanted, due to the season ending and the cold winter approaching. Well…we couldn’t get that girl out of that field, she walked away with more bushels than she could carry.

springfield manor 10springfield manor 20All and all, the entire getaway was a success. So much so, that I plan to propose more team-bonding trips for morale purposes (and blog material, of course!) in our weekly meeting. I will let you know if I am successful….or not. springfield manor 14


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