How to: Write your wedding thank-you’s

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Say hey to guest blogger Kat Philgreen—Belvedere & Co.’s go-to girl for all things wedding. Nobody can tackle the Do’s and Don’ts surrounding your big day like Kat!

Kat, is it okay to send my thank-you notes by text or email? 

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If only! While I am very grateful for gifts, I have hated writing thank you notes my entire life. When I got married, my mother actually made me write mine on the last night of our honeymoon when we were driving back through Jacksonville. So believe me, if I could’ve texted and/or emailed my thank you’s I would’ve! Unfortunately, it’s a complete no-no. Same goes for form letters or cards with just your signature. A proper thank you is still the one that’s hand-written and requires stationery, a stamp, and a trip to the mailbox.

But that’s not to say it has to be uber-formal. Just the opposite! The perfect thank you is personal, conversational—and specific. It should mention what the person gave you, why you love it, and how you plan to use it. Something along the lines of: Thank you for the blender. Now we have a good excuse to make margaritas! 

Also, while we’re on the subject, that thing about having a year to write a thank you note is a total wedding myth. Aim to send it within three months of receiving the gift. Daunting, I know. To keep them from becoming overwhelmed, here’s a suggestion: divvy up your notes into a daily to-do number per day.

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