How to: Stick With Your Guest-list Game Plan

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Chasers already know that guest blogger Kat Philgreen is Belvedere & Co.’s go-to girl for all things wedding. Nobody can tackle the sticky Do’s and Don’ts surrounding your big day like Kat!

Kat, call me a child-hater (actually, please don’t!), but my fiancé and I decided not to invite children to our wedding. We’ve since heard from a few families asking if it’s OK to bring theirs. What should we do?

Dear child-hater (KIDDING!):
First off, you and your fiancé have every right to a child-free wedding. Ask Kat PhotoThat said, these couples may be asking out of necessity—hiring a babysitter can be expensive—and you’d hate for them to be a no-show just because they couldn’t bring their kiddos. How about suggesting a group sitter (there are companies who nanny specifically for events)? That way, they can divvy up the costs and know that their kids will be watched by the same trusted sitter. This also allows you and your fiancé a graceful way to stick with your no-kids game plan without alienating the people you’ve invited to be a part of your special day.


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