14 Grown-Up Home Decor Items to Have By Age 30

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home decor throw blanket

In your 20’s, home decor might be the last thing on your mind, especially if you have been moving from college, to back to home, and apartment to apartment. The goal is to get on your feet and being able to adult enough to pay off your student loans. By now, you are (or should be) phasing out dorm decor and visiting the Home Goods & Target home decor section more and more often. But figuring out what you need when you’ve been getting by on Ikea furniture and solo cups can be quite the struggle. As many of us at Belvedere & Co. Events have gone through this transition, and some still are, we have compiled a starter list to impress anyone who walks through your door. #AdultingWin

1.) Matching Towels

If you look at your linen closet and you see two brown, two blue and a healthy mix of beach towels, it is time to get yourself a matching set.


home-decor-towels{Via Overstock}

2.) Sofa

Toss the futon, and invest in a neutral timeless couch. You can build the entire room around it and it will be a piece that lasts for years.


{Via Urban Outfitters}

3.) Plants

Plants are living things, and when you’re surrounded by living things you will feel better; you’re literally bringing more life into your house! There’s something about bringing live pieces of nature inside that just radiates a healthy energy throughout the room.home-decor-plants

{Via Most Beautiful Things}

4.) Area Rug

Area rugs are a necessity in almost any home. They add texture and warmth, soften floors, absorb sound, and define separate areas. A beautiful area rug can make a statement, tie together the color palette, and create visual interest.


{Via Craft-o-Maniac}

5.) Bar Cart

The perfect addition to any party or cocktail hour, bar carts keep barware and alcohol on hand for easy access while entertaining.


{Via Ballard Designs}

6.) Nice Set of Sheets

You spend one-third of your life sleeping, don’t deprive yourself by hanging onto the cheap stuff you used in college. Snuggle into one of life’s little luxuries.


7.) Art

If you are one that wouldn’t know where to start when you are buying art, you aren’t alone. Don’t stress, focus on finding something that speaks to you, maybe one that shows off your personality or to mark a moment or memory. As you gather, you will be amazed and appreciate your very YOU collection.

{Via Splendid Habit}

8.) Accent Chair

An accent chair is a chair strategically placed within a room for two purposes: to provide functional additional seating and to serve as a decorative item. Accent chairs typically feature a bold design or an interesting pattern or color to add extra style to your home.

home decor accent chair

{Via Wayfair}

9.) Good Coffee Table

Your coffee table might be tiny, but with the right decor, it can be the key to making your living room pop. Style it with books and fresh flowers to create a sophisticated yet homey vibe.

home decor coffee table

{Via The Every Girl}

10.) Throw Blankets

The throw blanket should be a common item in every home as it can act as a decorative accent, while also keeping guests toasty.

home decor throw blanket

{Via Pinterest}

11.) Matching Plates

As you get older, more and more blow-out bashes become sit-down dinner parties. And a dinner party without matching dishes is like dessert without chocolate.

home decor dishes

{Via Pottery Barn}

12.) Bookshelf

The bookshelf should be considered an inspirational place to display everything that’s uniquely YOU – It’s a great piece that can consistently evolve as you age and customize whenever you see fit.


{Via Bloglovin}

13.) Cloth Napkins

Classic linen napkins in a neutral color like ivory, flax, or navy are a timeless way to add a little sophistication to any soirée. Plus, a beautiful fabric napkin brings an element of softness and color to your table, which you can change from season to season at a low price tag.


{Via Dot and Army}


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