Family Christmas Games (That aren’t cheesy)

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I don’t know if any of you have experienced this but I look forward to Christmas all year long, especially now that I am older. Except that when Christmas time comes, it’s such a whirlwind to get everything ready or everything packed, groceries bought and food cooked, presents purchased AND wrapped, up until the last minute (is that just me?). Christmas morning finally comes, presents are opened…and then what? This year I am making sure that I soak every minute up with my family so I think Christmas games are in order. Below is a round-up of my favorites (that people will actually want to play).

Dress Up, Open Up

For this game, you will need a wrapped gift, coat, hat, scarf, oven mitts, and dice. Before the party wrap up a small gift (this can be anything—candy, chocolates, a CD, etc.). Then wrap this small box in many larger boxes (one inside the other. Don’t tell anyone about it, they will find this out as the game goes on). Have everyone sit in a circle and put the wrapped box in the middle. Next to this put the coat, hat, scarf and oven mitts.

Before the game starts, choose a random number to be the “chosen number”; if someone rolls this number with their dice, they need to put on the coat, hat, scarf and oven mitts and attempt opening the box. In the meantime, when that person is trying to open the box, people continue taking turns and rolling the dice. Whoever gets the chosen number again has to take the dressed person’s place—put the coat, hat, scarf and oven mitts on—and continue opening the presents.

Dysfunctional Christmas Bingo

If you have ever had to prep a significant other to come to your home for the holidays for the first time, this game may be perfect for you. For some, having all your family together under one roof sounds like a haven, for others, you are just looking around, waiting for the wreckage to unfold. Put a spot for every time someone asks why you are single, Uncle Joe makes an inappropriate comment, or an unnecessary aggressive political comment ensues an argument.

family christmas dysfunctional bingo

Speak Out

If you have been online in the last year, then you have probably seen the hottest game on the market this year for Christmas. Just like last year’s Pie Face, you may have to scavenge to get your hands on a box, but it is worth the laughs. Speak Out challenges players to say ridiculous things such as “Nifty Nuns Having Fun” while wearing a mouthpiece. Fun to play and watch, you and your family will create laugh out loud moments, which will probably end up on Facebook at someone’s expense.

Santa’s Hat

Jazz up the Christmas movie marathon by throwing a Santa hat on the top left-hand corner of the flatscreen in this adult-only game. Each time someone’s head perfectly lines up with that hat, everyone takes a sip. Throw on any holiday favorite from “It’s a Wonderful Life” to “Home Alone”. Bonus: Use this game in case of an unbearable emergency when Mom puts on the Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies.


Reindeer Antlers

For bigger groups, break into teams. Each team is given a pair of nylon stockings, 8 balloons and a tube of red lipstick. On “Go” the teams race to inflate the balloons and stuff them down the nylon stockings. Once the balloons have firmly stiffened the stockings, then one team member proceeds to put them on their head (like reindeer antlers, get it?). Use the red lipstick to draw a shiny red nose on their face. The first team to yell Rudolph and present their reindeer wins.

christmas games reindeer antlers

Candy Cane Pickup

Minute to Win It Games are fun, competitive and good for short attention spans. A Holiday Favorite is the Candy Cane Pickup. Place a pile of candy canes in a tray or basket. Give each player a candy cane to put in his mouth with the hook end down. The player must use the candy cane hook to pick up the other candy canes. The player with the most candy canes in their basket after one minute wins!

 christmas games candy cane pickup

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