Delicious Irish Apps for your St. Patrick’s Day bash

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St. Patrick’s Day is only a hop, skip and a jig away, so grab your shillelagh and let’s get this party started.

Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is best known for having driven the snakes out of Ireland. ‘Atta boy Pat, now we celebrate you…not with snakes…but with SNACKS. Whether you’re Irish and proud or just Irish for the day, St. Patrick’s Day is an awesome excuse to have a party, especially if you are into staying home!

Because I have a weakness for mini food, here is a smashing round up of Irish apps, guaranteed to have everyone chanting “Erin Go Bragh!”


Owl Bar Corned Beef Poppers

irish apps poppers

Most people know that the Owl Bar is a prohibition/speakeasy bar, but only a few lucky ones know that it holds an awesome St. Patrick’s Day bash, completely with jaw-dropping food and drink specials.

This year, our chef has created some dangerously addicting corned beef poppers that literally tastes like you found a lucky pot of gold. The chef also let me borrow the recipe to share with you all. So… here’s everyone’s chance… Steal it while you can.

irish apps corned beef poppers recipe




Cheesy Mushroom Potato Bites

“These versatile little morsels are perfect for parties, especially Irish themed celebrations.”

irish apps mushroom potato bites{Via Irish American Mom}

Irish Cheese Fondue

Whether you serve this creamy fondue as dinner for two or a party appetizer, the interactive meal is sure to be a hit. P.S. this is a kid-friendly version, but you can always make it with beer.
irish apps irish fondue

{Via Pocket Change Gourmet}

Guinness Cheddar Dip with Quick Homemade Pretzels

What’s St. Paddy’s day without Guinness?! Even if you don’t like the beer (understandable) you can still incorporate it into this cheesy delicious dip!

irish apps guinness dip{Via Foodtastic Mom}

Deviled Eggs

Green eggs and ham may get all the attention, but green deviled eggs may deserve it far more. 

irish apps deviled eggs

{Via Food Jimoto}

Pesto Goat Cheese Crostini

Great green alternative…  gluten free/dairy free snacks and they are flavorful and super simple!
irish apps pesto goat cheese crostini

{Via Carina M. Creations}

Mini Reubens

Okay, so maybe not every household was raised on hearty, boiled corned beef and cabbage, like I was. So for those who want to celebrate, but would typically pass on traditional Irish fare, create an ever-so crowd pleasing mini reuben!

irish apps mini reubens{Via Pocket Change Gourmet}


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