Crockpot Cocktails to Cure the Bad Weather Blues

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Are you hating this weather as much as we are? The gloomy, rainy days seem never ending. To break up the monotony, we have something that will make your days warm and wonderful. Meet your new obsession…the Crockpot Cocktail, aka the Crocktail. A lovely concoction made in your Crock Pot that screams comfort, especially when you make a big batch! Whip up some of these Crockpot Cocktails and keep the cold weather at bay with slow simmered sips that will warm you from the inside out.


Hot Buttered Rum

Because it’s the only drink you can add butter to, without shame.

crockpot cocktails hot buttered rum

{Recipe via Cooks with Cocktails}

Winter Sangria

Because only having sangria in the summer is simply not acceptable.

crockpot cocktails winter sangria

{Recipe via Betty Crocker}

Irish Coffee

A wise man once said  ‘Only Irish coffee provides, in a single glass, all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.’

crockpot cocktails irish coffee

{Recipe via Slow Cooker Club}

Andes Mint Hotchata

Because anything that combines Rumchata and Andes Mints can’t be bad. #sugarcomaplease

crockpot cocktails andes hotshata

{Recipe via The Cookie Rookie}

Apple Cider Bourbon

Apple cider makes a smooth transition into adulthood, thanks to a rich splash of bourbon.

crockpot cocktails apple cider bourbon

{Recipe via Growing Up Gable}

Boozy S’mores Hot Chocolate

This will ruin reg hot chocolate forever, in the best possibly way. Don’t say we never spoiled you…

crockpot cocktails boozy smores

{Via She Knows}

Apple Martini

How do you make a Crock Pot Cocktail extra classy? Serve it in a martini glass, of course!


 crockpot cocktails apple martini

{Recipe via Get Crocked}

Mulled Wine

Ladles up, ladies!

crockpot cocktails spiced wine

{Recipe via The View from Great Island}

Boozy Vanilla Latte

Turn this Starbucks fave into your new go-to boozy bev.

 crockpot cocktail boozy vanilla latte.jpg

{Recipe via She Knows}

Chasers, what Crockpot Cocktail looks the most appealing? Do you have any you make on your own? Don’t forget to share your favorite recipes with us! <3


  • Deep Web

    March 23, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for listing all the different options!! I’ll have to try the Crock Pot Beef Stew soon! The Deepweb


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