How to: Craft a Perfect Engagement Selfie

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engagement selfie prop

Whether you are a product of the selfie generation or not, an engagement selfie is a trend that is here to stay. First the bended knee, then the proposal, and finally the RING. You say yes, kiss and then what? Snap a selfie to announce your good news to all your friends. You have seen it before, the perfectly manicured fingers, the sun shining down on that bling, maybe even a good prop?

I know it seems like a lot of pressure, but we have had two engagements in the office recently (Event Specialist, Jennifer and myself), so we have done all the leg work for you! Take some of our tips on how to approach taking this momentous pic and we guarantee you’ll get a jaw-dropping photo, deserving of oh so many likes.

1.) Manicure

Before you start posing, you need a manicure….(if that hasn’t happened already.) You want people to be focused on your ring, not any imperfections with your nails. A soft polish is the safe bet, but don’t be afraid to choose a bold color that reflects your personality instead.

engagement seflie manicure

2.) Bright, Natural Lighting

Get outside or set your shot near a window. Taking an IPhone photo in a dimly lit room is a guaranteed blurry photo. Battling fluorescents and yellow bulb lights aren’t great either. You want the real deal; get out in that sun girl. Let it shine!

engagement selfie natural light

3. Prep the Stage

Don’t have a BLAH background. There’s two ways of going about this. 1.) Soft, subtle background, like so. Or unleash your inner photo stylist. Find an Instagram-worthy skyline, latte or patterned pillow to serve as the backdrop. You can always blur it down in editing mode, if needed.

engagement selfie background
4. Zoom, zoom, zoom…makes the heart go…no

I have seen countless attempts at trying to catch every detail by sliding fingers across the Iphone screen, but please, resist. You are actually compromising the photo quality. Hold the camera at half an arm’s length to get the best shot, crop later if you must. (PS, Bonus points if you caught my Zenon reference)

5. Know thy Ring

There’s no rule stating you have to take your picture head on. For me, my ring had intricate details that I wanted to capture, and I had designed this awesome flash tattoo for the Baltimore Bride Aisle Style, so a ring selfie had to be taken.

 engagement selfie angles

6. Steady

Eliminate the blur by supporting both of your elbows on something strong and taking advantage of your camera’s burst mode, which snaps up to 10 frames per second so that you can choose the one that came out best.

7. Props are your friend.

Adding an extra detail can show off your personality and capture this exciting moment even better! And the best part? Using a prop help makes sure your hand (and ring) looks relaxed and confident, not uncomfortable and awkward!

engagement selfie prop
8. Don’t forget about your sig.

Hey, there’s two people in this equation, right? Include your new spouse-to-be in the photo. Hint hint, this is Jen’s engagement selfie… check out the background.

jen engagement selfie

9. Don’t go overboard

There is nothing wrong with taking a million photos of your ring, but please, do not go overboard. Find the perfect one and share. Happy posting!!

engagement selfie pup


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