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Say hello to Argie Hajiantoni and Adam Cochran. They celebrated their wedding at The Belvedere on Sunday, September 4, 2016. Argie was just the most bubbly, happy, and easygoing bride in the world. Her joy and happiness was infectious and it just made us fall in love with both of them as a couple. In addition, they are so proud of their city and showcased it in every little detail of their wedding. Baltimore was weaved throughout the entire day from the Oriole bird showing up to surprise the guests, to the crab bushel card box complete with mallets and Old Bay. The table numbers were even little Baltimore Oriole jerseys. Needless to say, we were definitely feelin’ some Charm City Pride throughout the whole day!

Learn more as Argie shares the story of how they got to “I do.”

How did you meet?

Adam and I actually went to Kindergarten through 8th grade together, his parents lived four houses down from my parents, and we rode the same bus to school the whole time. I remember we would sit next to each other on the bus and I would pinch him. We looked at our yearbooks before we got married, and his picture would have hearts around it –  so funny!

What was your first impression?

With social media, we would connect every now and again and kind of check in with each other. One time, we ended up grabbing drinks one night and talking until late about everything. After we parted ways, I told him I wouldn’t mind seeing him again (and he agreed), so we ended up going to the movies two nights later. I thought he was cute, so nice, and easy to talk to, laugh with, and that we could be friends.

arige and adam dogs

When did you know he was the one?

Adam is such a nice person; he is always soft, warm, kind, and always there to help out his friends or a complete stranger. There was never a specific moment, but I knew he would always be there for me and have my back no matter what. I knew that he was my person.

How Adam proposed….

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and we came from our friend’s house and he asked me where Franklin (our pug’s) collar was because he didn’t have it on. I told him it was in the kitchen and reminded him not to forget to add his rabies tag to it. He said he was having trouble with it, so I told him to bring it to me in the family room. He then walked in with the dogs, and when he handed me the collar he was down on one knee. The collar had this little red heart tag that read, “Argie I love you so much.” When I flipped it over, it said, will you marry me? I remember saying, “Adam – what is this,” and then proceeded to cry and laugh. Finally, I said yes and he showed me the ring!

argie and adam 4

The highs and lows of the engagement period….

The highs were definitely venue shopping, food and cake tastings, and invitation shopping. We had an engagement party/holiday party around Christmas last year, so that was a great time to celebrate with all of our friends and family and talk about the wedding. The lows were probably deciding how big of a wedding we wanted, and making sure all of our families input was considered. 

Choosing the Belvedere….

We both took off a day to look at a few venues. We had thought we had found the place when we decided to stop and have lunch in Mt. Vernon.  Adam had lived on N. Calvert Street before we started dating. On a whim he mentioned that the Belvedere did weddings, and noted that the food was good because he had been to the Owl Bar before. As soon as we parked and walked in, I knew it was the place, it was gorgeous with the marble floors in the lobby. Kat took us on a tour of both spaces, and since our wedding was Baltimore themed – the mural of the Baltimore area in the John Eager Howard Ballroom was a perfect touch!  When we walked in the Charles Ballroom, we both looked at each other and said, my mom is going to love this !! I could envision myself dancing with Adam in that room in front of everyone. I knew when we had left, we had found the place.


The biggest surprise (for better, for worse…) of your wedding day:

I knew that the Oriole Bird would be coming to our wedding since we planned it as our surprise, but I don’t think I knew how big of a hit it was going to be, and how happy my parents were when they saw him.

Advise to other brides….

Just enjoy every step of the engagement process, it goes by quicker than you think. Just soak it all up and have fun with it. Don’t stress out about the small details because at the end of the day your married and it’s the best day ever!

Life as a married couple is…

Awesome. As much as the wedding was so much fun, the days after great. It’s nice to spend time reliving all the details, opening presents, and reading well wishes that our guest’s left us. We decided to have a delayed honeymoon, so now we are researching and getting ready to head to Scotland and Ireland!


Who: Argie Hajiantoni and Adam Cochran
When: September 4, 2016
Where: The Belvedere. The cocktail hour kicked things off in the John Eager Howard Ballroom. Guests were then invited to the Charles Ballroom for the reception.
Photography: Faith Desired
Band: The Koko Brothers
Food: Belvedere & Co. Events. Hors d’oeuvres included phyllo wrapped asparagus, prosciutto wrapped chicken and veal & ricotta meatballs with a Maryland crab dip display. Guests enjoyed a dinner of a Baby Arugula Salad, Chicken with Jumbo Lump Crab and Black Pepper and Rosemary Crusted Filet.
Wedding Cake & Cupcakes: Village Junction Bakery


  • Luke (Argie’s Dad)

    October 14, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    To the Newly Weds…
    Enjoy your Honeymoon & Be Safe.
    Remember the advice during my toast,
    Love never fails! But it’s not all you need! – really! Have faith in Him.
    Love you both.


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