Allison Dowdy & Casey Ring: How We Got to I Do

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Say hello to Allison Dowdy and Casey Ring! They celebrated their wedding at The Belvedere on March 19, 2016. Here, Allison shares the story of how they got to “I do.”

(Wedding photography, by Bradley Images)

It all started …

Casey and I first met back on NYE 2011 when my old roommate invited Casey and his friends over for a NYE party. I was at the party briefly and remembered meeting Casey, however at the time, I was dating someone else. After that, while my ex boyfriend and I were on and off, Casey would text me here and there to see what I was up to, but it wasn’t until early June of 2012 when our friendship/relationship really began.

That June, I had to move out of my house in Federal Hill, and for some reason my dad was the only person who could help me. I assured him I would find help, and that is when I messaged Casey to see what he was doing that weekend. (Which I can’t believe I did since I hardly responded to any of his earlier messages). He said he was available (and I clearly remember him canceling something for work to help), so I was so relieved. All I thought was cool this guy will help my dad move my things, and that will be that.allison dowdy

Well I was so wrong…

So we were moving on Saturday and Casey texted me on Friday asking if I wanted to go to happy hour with him that night. I clearly remember calling my mom being like ugh, seriously that is THE LAST thing I honestly want to do. I had been packing all day, was exhausted and gross, and did not want to go. My mom told me I had to since he was nice enough to help me the next day. So I literally went in the most awful outfit (since everything was packed), and I remember thinking that I did not even care about how gross I looked, it was just one drink.allison dowdyWell, long story short, Casey and I were basically together every day and night after that. For the first couple of weeks, I was just having fun, getting to know him, and I was enjoying spending time with him. I just wasn’t sure I wanted a boyfriend then. I remember telling my friend Niki that I thought he was too short, and her response was something like okay and what else…I remember saying nothing, I love everything else about him, and that is when she told me that I need to give him a chance and I am so glad I did.

A Baltimore Summer Love….

After the little impromptu happy hour, I honestly don’t even know what led to a second date. We talked and hardly ate our food. After moving the next day, we went out again with some of my friends, and again, had a great time. I can’t even remember going on specific dates after that, we basically hung out and made dinner together every night. We spent our entire weekends doing things around Baltimore. I honestly think that together we ate, drank, and enjoyed our way through the entire city that summer.allison dowdy

The Planning Process/Advice to Fellow Brides….

So the planning process comes in waves for sure. At the beginning you’re really busy booking vendors, finding your venue, drafting a guest list, etc. and then there is some downtime. However, once you get within 6 weeks of the wedding, the planning becomes a full time job (which I and many of my friends have found that the groom does not understand, so just be ready for that :). I remember thinking the week before the wedding that I could not wait for the wedding to be over, but once it was over, I was so sad!

My best advice would to be to book your venue and vendors early, accept help from people who offer, have fun, and know no matter how stressed or “over it” you become, just know that when you look back on your wedding day, you will know that every minute you spent planning, prepping, and stressing was completely worth it. Everyone told me that the wedding day is like a blur, and it was so true, so when your day comes, just enjoy every second of it, because I promise you this day will be the best day of your life!

allison dowdy allison dowdy

The biggest surprise (for better, for worse…) of my wedding day

So I am very type A, and it really showed during wedding planning (which was a good and bad thing). The week before our wedding was beautiful! We got married in March, so you never know what weather you will get. The entire week before the wedding, they had been forecasting our wedding day as mid 50s and sunny. We were so happy about this.

However, Friday afternoon the weather forecast for Saturday drastically changed to snowy, icy, and rainy and FREEZING. If someone had told me this would have happened, before the day came, I think I would have been so upset. However, I knew that there was nothing we could do about the weather, so instead of worrying, my parents went out and bought tons of umbrellas, we were still able to take every picture we wanted (and they were probably better than they would have been if it was sunny), we were so thankful we had planned an indoor wedding, and we still had the best day ever!

allison dowdyallison dowdy

Life as a married couple is…

GREAT! We have lived together for over 3 years before getting married, so really nothing has changed, but it is just so fun being husband and wife!allison dowdy

Catering/Venue: Belvedere & Co. Events

Photography/Videography: Bradley Images

Rings: Nelson Coleman

Florals: Bella Fiori

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Dress: Bridals By Elena

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Hair: Brocatos Salon

Makeup: Blend

DJ: My DeeJay

String Ensemble: Meridian Ensemble

Officiant: Reverend Bill Cochran (“Say I do Your Way”)

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