7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (that you can actually make)

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Let’s face it. Most of us wait until the last minute when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, it seems like all holidays have a way of sneaking up on us and causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Well panic no more, my fellow procrastinators. Instead of settling on a dull and impersonal gift this year,  I have done some digging and rounded up 7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts, DIY-style. Of course I had this planned all along sweetie…. (shh, your secret is safe with us)

1. Heart-Shaped Pizza

Okay, while this may be a little “cheesy”, we have never, ever been sad in the presence of a pizza. And if it is heart-shaped? And a cute little love note in the box?! This idea is perfect for the casual couple who wants to stay in and chill on Valentine’s Day. You can do a DIY version or Papa Johns is doing heart shaped pizzas in select locations from Feb. 8-15 (you also get a double chocolate chip brownie!)
heart shaped pizza{Via Cute DIY Projects}

2. Instagram Photo Book

If you are anything like us, our Instagram’s are full of our favorite memories splashed all over the page. Make a DIY Instagram Photo Book and you and your S.O. will be sitting around laughing and reminiscing for all the good times you have shared! They are tiny so you won’t need a ton of materials, and you can make the cover however you’d like!
Make-Instagram-Photos-Album-Book DIY-Valentines-Day-Gift-Ideas{Via Creme De La Craft}

3. Open When Letters

You can go as big or as small as you want on this, but either way, it’s adorable. This picture has floated around the internet for quite some time, and I completely understand why. Check out Alanna Wilson’s list for some awesome ideas. You can add treats, pictures, gift cards, memories, etc. in addition to the letter itself.
openwhenenvelopes{Via LDR13}

4. Homemade Valentine’s Day Treats 

Please. Step away from the drug store candy heart boxes. Just no. Get that apron on and whip up some fancy, edible treats. They are homemade, so amazingly cute, and DELICIOUS! The “XO” desserts are particularly wonderful; you can make them with store-bought pound cake! How easy is that?
last minute valentine day treats{Via A Beautiful Mess}

5. Lipstick Art

Pucker up for this one. Let your loved one be reminded of your kisses by making this lipstick art. PLUS, you get to use all of your favorite lip shades for a fun craft! Personalize it with a fun little note on the back.

last minute valentine day lip stick art

{Via A Beautiful Mess}

6. Broquet

You have probably seen this on Pinterest, however, it is a great go-to for when you are in a pinch! Add some of his favorites and Voila!

7. DIY Flipbook

Show your love how they make your heart dance with a DIY flipbook this Valentine’s Day.

last minute valentine flip book{Via Camille Styles}

Chasers, what are your Valentine’s Day plans?! Are you a DIY Valentine or dread the thought of crafts? 


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