2016 Catering Trends

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catering trends

It’s about that time. While many know that the beginning of May is also the beginning of wedding season, it’s becoming our busy season for many other events. Belvedere & Co. has weddings, corporate meetings, graduation parties galore, and as these are all being planned and executed, we are definitely seeing some catering trends as the 2016 season gets in full swing.


Millennials have been to so many events that there is a huge push to wow guests with something they have never seen before. Food stations are becoming huge because attendees can customize their selection, mingle and enjoy the interactive element. I mean, there is a make-your-own EVERYTHING, nowadays. Pizza, sliders, mac and cheese, crepes, waffles, etc., the possibilities are endless. Your event then becomes an experience that everyone will be talking about.

catering trends noodle station{Photo Cred: Spice Catering Group}

Local pride and the urge to show off regional favorites for out of town guests have sparked the use of local ingredients and products. Beers, distillates, artisan breads, spice blends, condiments, and charcuterie produced locally, in-house, or inspired by regional dishes all add local flavor and legitimacy to menus.
 Catering trends charcuterie plate

{Photo Cred: The 13th Floor}

We have all been to an up-scale restaurant where you get this beautiful meal, but not sure how to eat it … or what it really is!? These high end artistic presentations are out and chefs are headed back to the basics, but doing the basics really, really well. You will see real food with simplified, authentic, high-end ingredients. Kind of like how grandma used to make her world famous meatloaf. (Spoiler alert, nostalgic feelings associated with food are in too!)

catering trends entree{Photo Cred: Elizabeth Ryan Photography via Belvedere & Co. Events}

Catering trend experts say you will taste a lot of turmeric this year, and that is a-ok for us! Turmeric tastes great on anything from cauliflower to potatoes to eggs to meat. Turmeric, the 2016 spice of the year, adds a hint of ginger-like notes and yellow coloring to curries and is gaining popularity for its health benefits. It has been shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

catering trends turmeric

{Photo Cred: Authority Nutrition}

Mashups are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the Pitch Perfect movies. Dishes that incorporate fusions of flavors are becoming very pleasing to the millennials’ adventurous palate. The cronut. The ramen burger. The Doritos Locos Tacos. These are just a few of the popular food mash-ups that have put a stake in the ground for the culinary fusion trend, which is all about mixing tastes, textures, and culinary traditions to create new, unique food combinations.catering trends ramen burger

{Photo Cred: Serious Eats}

Who do we have to thank for the fact that artisan ice cream and ice cream sandwiches are a catering trend? The ladies at Belvedere & Co. have ice cream Fridays sometimes (aka regularly) so they have never been “out” for us, but we are glad that the world is finally recognizing it.

From ice cream parlors opting for nothing but hormone-free milk and fresh, seasonal ingredients, to homemade ice creams made right on the farm with milk and cream from heritage breed cows, many of America’s ice cream artists are choosing to put quality and responsibility at the forefront — and the results are pretty tasty!

Check out the Cream Cruiser in Baltimore. It’s like a food truck but filled with ice cream sandwiches, which is the coolest (no pun intended) thing ever.

catering trends cream cruiser

{Via Cream Cruiser}


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