10 Tricks to Make Spring Cleaning FUN

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Spring Cleaning. We have a ton of excuses as to why we never get around to it, but this year is different. Spring cleaning seems daunting and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of things seem more fun than to spend your day off than cleaning; you just have to distract your mind. Play games, dance around, don’t just SIT there thinking about everything that needs done. Attempt a couple of my tricks and you will be leading a clutter-free life in NO time.


1.) Drop a beat

I have a very special playlist that only gets listened to when I am cleaning. For me, it has my epic childhood favorites. Yes, NSYNC consumes most of that playlist, don’t judge, but that’s what works for me. I WANT to listen to it, which means I HAVE to clean. Sometimes, I even listen to a book and allow myself to get sucked in to a story. Do what works for you. Distracting your mind with a story or singing along to a throwback allows you to think you finished faster. Then you have time to enjoy fun things, like…cheese and wine.

spring cleaning dancing

2.) Get some air in there!

This is a trick from my mom. The moment my mom would start to clean, all of the blinds and windows were open. Fresh air and sunlight allows you to feel like you’re enjoying the beautiful weather so you aren’t making an excuse like “why am I wasting this beautiful day inside.” (Trust me, you aren’t alone.) Plus it just feels cleaner and less stuffy if you have fresh air circulating.

spring cleaning open windows

3.) Divide & Conquer

Half the reason you don’t feel like cleaning is because you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Do NOT look at the whole picture. Pick one room to start or one focus point in your room (aka your closet, I’m sure) and start there. When I am cleaning, I pick a spot and work around it like a clock. I don’t touch other sections until I get there. The next thing I know, I am halfway around the room without even realizing that I have tackled the giant pile of chaos that once consumed me.

spring cleaning alright

4.) Rearrange or Redecorate

Hit up home goods and buy some seasonal decorations. Make a plan to rearrange your room. Buy some cute storage containers from Target. All of these things will make you want to get done faster so you can see the end result. I love buying a new organizational container, filling it and basking in the de-cluttered outcome. Rearranging or redecorating is a great way to motivate you to not only do it, but to do it really well.

spring cleaning rearrange

5.) Make it Fun

Spring cleaning = torture. I get it. I play a lot of games when I am cleaning to make it fun. Play stupid mindless games that, again, distract the mind. Fill dollar store squirt guns with Windex, play sock hockey with your broom. No one is there judging you. Pull out your stopwatch and race to complete one thing, like pairing 5 pairs of socks, see if you can beat your time the next time. It sounds silly, but hey, it works.

spring cleaning squirt bottle

6.) Game On.

In the same sense, if personal games don’t do it for you, create a contest. Get your coworkers in on it. Have you ever done a Biggest Loser or something at work? Healthy competition is always a good thing, especially if it gets others on board with the spring cleaning train. Measure your success by how many items you throw out, how many clothes you donate or how fast you strip your place down. Loser buys the first round at happy hour. Before and after pics are a must, which are also super fun.

spring cleaning winning

7.) Quick Breaks

Literally, who made a rule that once you start cleaning you can’t stop until it’s done? Maybe for people like me, who sit down and then lose motivation after an hour on the couch. Breaks are good, breaks allow you to recharge and enjoy your little victories. 15 minutes max, that’s it though. Get something in your belly; I usually break for coffee or a snack. I prefer to get off my feet but I opt for a stool, because my couch is dangerous. Scroll through Instagram and stop thinking about cleaning, but once your mug runs empty and your snack is just crumbs, get your booty back up and work.

spring cleaning break

8.) New Smells

Interesting facts show that setting the mood for spring cleaning could boost your motivation and get you going. Light some spring-scented candles and I bet you will be surprised at how those good scents give you the perfect ambiance to jump start that cleaning spree. Not to mention, scented candles are an effective mood-enhancing tool. #winning


9.) Multitask

You have been dying to try a new face mask or hair mask, so why not kill two birds with one stone?! You have some time to kill and anticipating the end product will get you to that finish line faster. Multitasking is my favorite way of getting what I need done. Catching up with a friend with my headphones on or watching a show while you fold miles of clothes passes the time in the best way.

spring cleaning face mask

10.) Treat Yo Self

Finally, set a goal, reach it and reward yourself for a job well done. Doesn’t matter what it is; just make something that works for you. If it’s some ice cream when you finally sit down or a well-needed pedicure to treat your hardworking feet, you have EARNED it. You HAVE to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally do to make you want to do it again next time.

spring cleaning treat yo self
Alright, those are my spring cleaning tricks. What tricks do you pull out when you are up against a daunting task? What do you use as motivation?

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